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I need to post more. I think I've gotten out of the habit with all of this work and school stuff going on. Not that I posted when I didn't have classes this January. But I did have work.

Things are going pretty well. I got a new bed which is wonderful. I actually fall asleep within 20 to 30 minutes of lying down rather than 1 to 2 hours. I still have trouble getting out of bed in the morning but I think that's due more to potential thyroid issues than anything else. Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment to get that checked out.

I may also end up being Bob's niece's godmother. Her mom put the idea out for discussion. She and her husband still need to talk it over. It boils down to that since the niece and I have a lot in common and get along really well that if something should happen to her parents, I would get custody. A very big responsibility to say the least, but also a big honor! I'm not sure how her dad feels about me, though. However, he is rather critical of everyone so it's hard to say how he feels about anyone. So we shall see.

Other than that, things have pretty much been going work, class, sleep.
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comic update

Comic has been updating, the LJ hasn't

So the comic has been updating. I've just seem to have gotten out of the habit of putting commentary in here. Do people rely on the LJ/ enjoy reading commentary?

I may have to see about getting commentary up with the comic. Mind you, I've been wanting to do that since I began this thing over 4 years ago so now maybe I'll do it now that the comic is coming to an end. We've got about 12 more pages or so. I've been working and reworking the dialogue a bit. Things should wrap up some time in May/June.
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comic update

Comic Update for 12/10

Link to the comic.

Comic 202:
* Tom is of course referring to when he and Bob rescued her from DI and Bob suggested they head back to "headquarters."
* Tom enjoys telling Megan all the different stories about her parents. He is partly to blame for Megan's antics.
* Bob is one of the few people that can hold on to Megan. She is always attempting to defy gravity.

(no subject)

Sometimes I feel sorry for Bob as I'm sure I make the whole present shopping for me not easy. We were in Boscov's the other day working on Xmas presents when I noticed a set of pearl earrings, bracelet and necklace on sale for only $25 (they ended up being under $20, originally priced at $100!). I noted how I really liked them and Bob asked if that was a hint for Xmas. I said no, that I was probably going to buy them right now, which I did. Poor guy.

But now I have a nice set of black pearl jewelry! I'm currently wearing them with a t-shirt and jeans because I'm gangsta like that.
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Filler Comic for 11/19

Link to the comic.

* Big test tomorrow plus headache last night = no comic for today.
* I had done a modern version of Apollon so I figured I would try to make up modern versions of the other deities. This is Persphone, Hades, and Cerberus. From what I've been able to gleen, the whole "abducted" thing was from Demeter's side of the story. Hades often doesn't get much say in myths. The whole death and underworld thing is a turnoff to a lot of people. He may look harsh in this picture but if you were to capture a moment when his eyes are on her, his whole composure changes. He would travel across the universe to make her smile. That was a bit rambling.
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comic update

Comic Update for 11/12

Link to the comic.

Comic 200!:
* Megan left the door open, leading Jill to figure out what was going on.
* Bob and Tom spoil her endlessly. Jill just wants to make sure that Megan stays a good person and is concerned the spoiling will hurt that. No worries, though.
* I love the whole "dip" part. I personally do not like to be dipped but it happens anyway sometimes.
* FYI, Tom is starting to get a little perturbed that everyone is in his bedroom when he is still in his boxers. At least he's under the covers.

It's rather nice that the 200th comic happened on my birthday. We have about 24 more pages to go.
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I had the opportunity to play in my friend's Halloween D&D game yesterday. I am absolutely obsessed with the character I played and her whole story. I am currently figuring out how to use Flash to animate it. The whole story is so gut wrenching that I almost cried at one point. I've storyboarded a small portion and animated an even smaller portion. I'm surprised by how well I'm doing with Flash even though I've never used it before.

In other, and somewhat related news, I have a new computer. A nice Intel 17" iMac. She is a thing of beauty. It has been so much easier working on it than the laptop. Plus, it has pretty much all of the Adobe software on it (hence Flash).

Unfortunately all this has distracted me from the comic (well all this and school), so it doesn't look like all have a comic for tomorrow. Might see about putting up what I have done of the animation, though...
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(no subject)

Bob and I were watching a movie about a couple with one of them keeping their lycanthrope a secret. I mentioned that if I was a werewolf, I would definately tell my significant other. I figured that anyone I would date would be okay with it. So I asked Bob if he would be alright if I was a werewolf. He said sure. Besides, he noted, he has guns that can fire silver bullets.

He later noted that those would only be in a worse case scenario. Right :P
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comic update

Comic Update for 10/15

Link to the comic.

Comic 199:
* Good grief, one more to go until 200!
* Don't worry, Tom is wearing pj pants. He decided to do that after the first time Megan snuck into his room.
* I have issues trying to figure out what kids at certain ages should look like. I think she may look a little too big for the age I was aiming for. But then again, she's a tweaked clone so :P
* Speaking of which, yes, that is similar to what Jilly looked at that age.

25 more to go
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