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Last FF Comic Update!

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Good gods, I didn't think I would actually make it. We've got three pages today to round out the series. I figured it would be nice to have the comic end on a holiday since it started on one, although it ending today was a bit of a coincident. On to the commentary:

Comic 223:
* Bob finally figured out how to cry. This was something he was upset about in this comic. I thought it would be appropriate.
* Yes, Bob made a bomb. I was a little wary of doing this. I decided that I would still go through with it since Bob is in a desperate situation and people do drastic things in such situations. His thoughts on the matter were that he needed to do something that would keep his daughter safe and this was the only thing he could do before he died.
* Ah, yes, the strange generator. A nice little set up for the sequel.

Comic 224:
* Hopefully that's identifiable as a television.
* With this page, I wanted to show what happened after the fact, as well as have Bob give some final words. The comic started with him as the narrator and so it ends with him as the narrator.
* I get a little teary at Bob's last line.
* Again, this is setting up for the sequel.

Comic 225:
* I'm hoping that it's clear that they've been watching this through scrying.
* And speaking of setting things up for the sequel, we have right to left: Viv, Megan and Tom Jr. He's the one who had the smiley face over him in the last Halloween update. He is Tom's and Meg's son but carried and raised by Viv.

So we're done but we're not done :) The side story is now the epilogue and will be starting next week. I think I may try to do a three days a week update schedule for this one. It's in a smaller format and is quicker to do. I've already got four and the cover page done. I also need to redo some of the first pages of FF as I would like to do a dead tree version and the format is different for the first couple of pages (to say nothing of the art...). And at some point I'll be starting up the sequel, hopefully after the epilogue is done. No rest for the weary :)
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comic update

Comic Update for 5/19

Link to the comic.

Comic 222:
* Felt the need to do something different with the frames.
* Hopefully my attention to the injuries and scuffs on Tom makes what happened in the second panel clear.
* How many of the voices can you identify in the first panel? The one is kind of obscure and another is not really a comic character per se, but I felt the need to put it in there.
* This is pretty much it for Tom. He's going to have a side story, but that's about the end for him. Man, that leaves an odd, empty sense in me.

Expect a double update next week. It will be the official end, then maybe a short epilogue and a side story. Then the sequel at some point. It's ending but only in the sense that a chapter is closing and another one beginning.
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comic update

Comic Update for 5/12

Link to the comic.

Comic 221:
* Rather pleased with the art on this one. I've been trying to go above and beyond what I've been doing.
* I've found that I've recently had a slew of characters in different contexts talk to persons/things that cannot talk back to them. It started with my D&D character Jade and has made it's way into a couple other areas. Ah well.
* Poor Bob isn't doing too well. It is a very effective virus, unfortunately.

In other news, I have decided to get working on a steampunk costume. I'm thinking explorer/biologist. I already have some part for it and ideas for others. Need to hit up the Army Navy Surplus store.
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You will now see the LJ on the comic website. That way there is commentary and the page all in one. Now I just need to make sure I update the commentary on time too -.-

Figures that I finally get around to doing this when I have all of... three/four pages left to go. At least now I know how to do it for other projects.
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comic update

Comic Updates

Link to the comic.

Comic 219:
* Missed writing the commentary for this one last week.
* Gollum much?
* I had a question ask about who the two people in the same body were. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion. I had mentioned a couple pages ago that the father had taken over the daughter's body. I suppose that a couple pages ago to me is actually a couple weeks ago to everyone else :)

Comic 220:
* Crap, I've gotten this far? This is going to be a rough ride.
* I've hopefully expressed the sun rising and what that means well enough.
* Whose hand is that? You'll have to find out in two weeks.
* This comic is brought to you by lots of gradients. Making backgrounds easier and slightly more interesting since 1995. (Actually, I don't know when gradients were started. I think this is about the time that I started using them.)
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comic update

Comic Update for 4/21

Link to the comic.

Comic 218:
* Time has passed and the guy in leather gets a name. I didn't want to do a fight scene and it would have eaten up a lot of pages. Tom's half of things was already long. That, and I'm just not good at fight scenes -.-
* Some sort of past history here? Indeed, but a story for another time, if at all. There are only vague inklings of it and I have other things I want to do. I'd rather have a sequel than a prequel.
* Speaking of acting...
* Poor Tom. He was either thinking that Bob got Jill out so they can head home or some how the CEO got Megan. Either way, he needed to look. Such a pity.
* Someone at some point needed to call Tom "old man." Because he technically is. He may get called it again, depending on things.

We've got seven and change pages to go. The change because it all depends upon how much of an epilogue I decide to do.

Now I kind of want to use a different icon. This one makes me sad.
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comic update

Comic Update for 4/14 and Quiz

Link to the comic.

Comic 217:
* This all probably seemed to come about rather suddenly. Sometimes that's how things like this happen.
* This page was a hard one to do. I kept questioning if this is how I wanted the comic to go but this was the plan from the beginning. There was always going to be a beginning, middle, and end. We're definitely in end territory.
* Hopefully I was able to convey the change from the father to the daughter.
* Next up is Tom and then the CEO goes all Gollum on us :)

Little quiz thingy:

Find Out Which Disney Girl You Are!
created with
You scored as Pocahontas

With the wind against your face, the sounds of the birds singing around you, you feel more alive than anything. Like Pocahontas, you feel most alive when you're in nature where you belong - man's beginnings were in nature, it just makes the most sense. As you find yourself in nature, remember that not everyone feels this way as well - try to ease them into your way of thinking, or just introducing them to your lifestyle! Everyone loves nature - just sometimes not as much as you!











Snow White


Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
















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coyote going

New Icon

Came up with a new user icon while avoiding both working on a paper and doing the comic. Please let me know if the text is readable. The larger version of this will probably be posted as filler for the comic this coming Monday.

I've been obsessed with coyotes as of late.
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comic update

Comic Update for 3/24

Link to the comic.

Comic #216:
* Haven't done one of these in a while :)
* So returns the guy in leather. Apparently he and Tom have a history and not a nice one, at that.
* He didn't so much as forget as he thought Tom would still be twitchy from the tazer.
* Hopefully the perspective of panel 2 works out. I was going for "dramatic!" or something along those lines. I need to do more life drawings, or something. Boyfriend!Bob was a big help with it.
* The pages are going to be doing a switching back and forth between Bob and Tom, if you haven't figured that out already. We should be doing about 4 more for each, meaning there's only about 8 more pages plus a brief epilogue. I still need to figure out how long that will be. It may only be a page. Then it's on to the sequel at some point. "Bastion" needs some loving so I'll work on that solely for a while since I haven't been working on it at all.
* As a heads up, if you don't like character death (although it's already happened once before), I would recommend you stop reading now. Just tell yourself that everything worked out fine and they all lived happily ever after.

Now I need to stop procrastinating and work on a 20 page paper...
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