January 7th, 2009

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I've been thinking about the past year for a number of reasons but particularly the odd parallel it had taken with my life in 1993. Several events occurred, although not at the same point in the year and not with the same outcome.

1. Full moon occurring when the moon was closest to the Earth - this happened in March of 93 and December of 08
2. Phillies in the World Series - they won this time around
3. I ended up in the hospital - different times of year and this time I didn't nearly die
4. Rat - in 1993 I bought a rat for Xmas. She was possibly the closest thing to a familiar that I've ever had. She died about a week after I got her. I met a rat in a pet shop this year that was the spitting image of her. The event left me feeling quite shaken. This time around, I did not buy the rat.
5. Pet death - in 1993/4, it was the rat mentioned above. This year it was my cat Beanie who had to be put down.
6. Finishing up my last year at a school - in 93 I was in my last year of elementary school. I am now in my last year for my Masters.

Other things happened this past year that were eventful but not related to anything in 1993, at least that I can think of.
1. Got into a car accident. Thankfully it wasn't my fault.
2. Finished Fellow Freaks and started Strange Days
3. Gen Con, as usual
4. Bob and I visited my grandfather in Washington/Vancouver
5. Played an integral part of creating and running a conference
6. Stayed in the pond side cottage with the Buffy Gang

Overall, the year was a little rough around the edges but definitely had some good highlights. 2009 holds the potential for a lot of changes. We'll have to see how it goes as it changes from potential energy to kinetic :)
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