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Dreams and Quantum Theory

An author/artist who I follow recently posted a dream she had that she wasn't sure had any meaning behind it and questioned the validity behind taking meaning from dreams. Which is all fine and dandy if you haven't had an experience that would help throw some light on the situation. I've been fortunate enough to have had some of those experiences.

In one case, it wasn't much. It involved dreaming that we were going to stop selling potato chips at the restaurant that I worked at because we had gotten the wrong brand and weren't making money off of them. A few days after having the dream, the boss comes in and pretty much says exactly that.

Another dream was a bit more useful. Before going to bed, I came across an artist who did some amazing Northwestern Native American art and commented to her that I always had liked that style and even entertained the thought of learning how to do it. That night I dreamt that my whole field of vision was taken up by this art style, writhing and changing. The art thanked me for my interest but informed me my attention was best spent reading the book "Coyote Medicine" (a book that I had purchased for my boyfriend quite some months ago). Upon waking, I decided to go ahead and read the book, which was all about healing. About a month after finishing the book and picking up some more by the same author, I ended up in the emergency room. The wisdom of the books helped me get through some trying times. Maybe just a weird coincidence but a useful one!

However, it may not be too far fetched when taking quantum theory into consideration. From what I've been reading about it so far, everything is connected and the real important thing to consider is not the individual part or person but the relationships that connect that part or person to everything else. I'm only just beginning to develop this idea for myself and am attempting to apply it to my teaching style. It seems like much of what I've been reading and have been interested in lately has been converging on to this "big idea" that seems to be just ever so slightly out of my reach. It may be that I just need to have a seat and really work on it. I might try that over the holidays.

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