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Last FF Comic Update!

Link to the comic.

Good gods, I didn't think I would actually make it. We've got three pages today to round out the series. I figured it would be nice to have the comic end on a holiday since it started on one, although it ending today was a bit of a coincident. On to the commentary:

Comic 223:
* Bob finally figured out how to cry. This was something he was upset about in this comic. I thought it would be appropriate.
* Yes, Bob made a bomb. I was a little wary of doing this. I decided that I would still go through with it since Bob is in a desperate situation and people do drastic things in such situations. His thoughts on the matter were that he needed to do something that would keep his daughter safe and this was the only thing he could do before he died.
* Ah, yes, the strange generator. A nice little set up for the sequel.

Comic 224:
* Hopefully that's identifiable as a television.
* With this page, I wanted to show what happened after the fact, as well as have Bob give some final words. The comic started with him as the narrator and so it ends with him as the narrator.
* I get a little teary at Bob's last line.
* Again, this is setting up for the sequel.

Comic 225:
* I'm hoping that it's clear that they've been watching this through scrying.
* And speaking of setting things up for the sequel, we have right to left: Viv, Megan and Tom Jr. He's the one who had the smiley face over him in the last Halloween update. He is Tom's and Meg's son but carried and raised by Viv.

So we're done but we're not done :) The side story is now the epilogue and will be starting next week. I think I may try to do a three days a week update schedule for this one. It's in a smaller format and is quicker to do. I've already got four and the cover page done. I also need to redo some of the first pages of FF as I would like to do a dead tree version and the format is different for the first couple of pages (to say nothing of the art...). And at some point I'll be starting up the sequel, hopefully after the epilogue is done. No rest for the weary :)

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