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Comic Updates

Link to the comic.

Comic 219:
* Missed writing the commentary for this one last week.
* Gollum much?
* I had a question ask about who the two people in the same body were. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion. I had mentioned a couple pages ago that the father had taken over the daughter's body. I suppose that a couple pages ago to me is actually a couple weeks ago to everyone else :)

Comic 220:
* Crap, I've gotten this far? This is going to be a rough ride.
* I've hopefully expressed the sun rising and what that means well enough.
* Whose hand is that? You'll have to find out in two weeks.
* This comic is brought to you by lots of gradients. Making backgrounds easier and slightly more interesting since 1995. (Actually, I don't know when gradients were started. I think this is about the time that I started using them.)

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