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Comic Update for 4/21

Link to the comic.

Comic 218:
* Time has passed and the guy in leather gets a name. I didn't want to do a fight scene and it would have eaten up a lot of pages. Tom's half of things was already long. That, and I'm just not good at fight scenes -.-
* Some sort of past history here? Indeed, but a story for another time, if at all. There are only vague inklings of it and I have other things I want to do. I'd rather have a sequel than a prequel.
* Speaking of acting...
* Poor Tom. He was either thinking that Bob got Jill out so they can head home or some how the CEO got Megan. Either way, he needed to look. Such a pity.
* Someone at some point needed to call Tom "old man." Because he technically is. He may get called it again, depending on things.

We've got seven and change pages to go. The change because it all depends upon how much of an epilogue I decide to do.

Now I kind of want to use a different icon. This one makes me sad.

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