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Comic Update for 3/24

Link to the comic.

Comic #216:
* Haven't done one of these in a while :)
* So returns the guy in leather. Apparently he and Tom have a history and not a nice one, at that.
* He didn't so much as forget as he thought Tom would still be twitchy from the tazer.
* Hopefully the perspective of panel 2 works out. I was going for "dramatic!" or something along those lines. I need to do more life drawings, or something. Boyfriend!Bob was a big help with it.
* The pages are going to be doing a switching back and forth between Bob and Tom, if you haven't figured that out already. We should be doing about 4 more for each, meaning there's only about 8 more pages plus a brief epilogue. I still need to figure out how long that will be. It may only be a page. Then it's on to the sequel at some point. "Bastion" needs some loving so I'll work on that solely for a while since I haven't been working on it at all.
* As a heads up, if you don't like character death (although it's already happened once before), I would recommend you stop reading now. Just tell yourself that everything worked out fine and they all lived happily ever after.

Now I need to stop procrastinating and work on a 20 page paper...

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